Cayman Islands Identification Card

The Cayman Islands Identification Card will be the Cayman Islands Government-issued identity card for Cayman Islands residents.

As a resident of the Cayman Islands, you will be able to use your identity card to prove your identity and use the digital features of the card, to provide identity authentication and the highest level of digital signature.

How do the digital features of the identity card work?

The card has a secure electronic chip (similar to those used in bank cards) containing your basic identity information and a QR code to provide access to information you have chosen to share.  The card has 2 digital certificates, which you can use to digitally sign documents or to login to the Government's online services.

What are the benefits of the identity card?
  • Provides proof of your identity information printed on the card
  • It can be used to confirm your immigration status in the Cayman Islands
  • It is easier to carry and more convenient to use than other identity documents such as your passport
  • I can use the identity card to prove my identity physically in person, or digitally for use online
  • Can be used to apply my digital signature to documents, eliminating the need to print, sign and scan a document